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March 2018: 

The Compassionate Cheyenne Working Group established the following goals for the next three years.

Compassionate Cheyenne

  Goals and Teams—2018-2020

1.     Compassionate Response—Issues and Concerns (ongoing):  Lend our support to current issues and challenges in Cheyenne in need of a compassionate response. 

2.     Forums (ongoing):  Host forums as the need arises, focusing on diverse audiences (ethnic, political, spiritual, economic) as a way of fostering healthy dialogue grounded in compassion and mutual respect.

3.     Compassion-in-Action awards (2018):  Explore and finalize the best way to publicly present awards on a regular basis, spotlighting the compassionate actions of citizens, businesses, and nonprofits.

4.     Compassion in the classroom (2018):  Coordinate with interested teachers on strategies to encourage and support compassion among students.

5.     Film and Forum Series (2018):  Host regular compassion-related films for the community, both adults and children, as a way of increasing the awareness, importance and benefits of compassion.

6.     Compassion Art projects (2018):  Discuss with local artists and art galleries the possibility of sponsoring artist renditions of compassion, resulting in art in public places, businesses, public parks, church grounds, schools and private residences.

7.     Thanksgiving Dinner (2018):  Meet with those who planned and hosted the Unity Baptist Church Thanksgiving Dinner to determine if this is a compassionate tradition Compassionate Cheyenne can network with other community groups to continue offering.

8.     Compassion Service Week (2019):  Explore creating an annual Compassion Service Week, similar to Louisville’s Give-a-Day-a-Week, during which individuals, families, neighborhoods, business, organizations or other teams are encouraged to perform at least one day of community service activities to better the city or their fellow citizens.

9.     Festival of Compassion (2020):  Develop plans for an annual celebration, recognition, and thanking of those organizations, businesses and individuals that modeled compassion.

10. Year of Compassion (2020):  Explore the possibility of a full year concentrated on publicity, recognition, dialogue, and education about the benefits of being more compassionate.

11. Partners in Compassion (ongoing):  Continue to spread the message of compassion by encouraging citizens, organizations and businesses of Cheyenne to be compassionate in words and actions by taking the compassion pledge.  In addition, we will strive to advocate for and network with those individuals, businesses and organizations working on compassionate initiatives, especially those related to Compassion Cheyenne’s three focus areas:  housing, healthcare and sustainability.

12. Facebook and website (ongoing):  Maximize social media as a way of providing regular updates to our growing number of compassion partners while also providing them with opportunities to engage in compassionate activities.

Records and metrics (ongoing):  Maintain records of our activities as well as determine key metrics to measure the impact of our work.

13. Updates to the City Council (semiannual):  Maintain communications with the Mayor and the City Council through semiannual updates at the June and December City Council meetings.