It really began when...

...Karen Armstrong gave a TED talk in February 2008, “My Wish: The Charter for Compassion.” She won the TED prize that year as the best TED talk.  Watch it here: (22 min) 

November 2008--The Charter for Compassion website launched and people of all faiths, all nations and all backgrounds were invited to submit their own words to the Charter. The Charter for Compassion is a product of its time, for its time. Using a unique web-based decision-making platform, thousands of people from more than100 countries added their voice to the writing of the Charter. Over a six-week period, thousands of submissions were entered which were then read and commented upon by over 150,000. These contributions were then reviewed by a council and incorporated into the final document, known as The Charter for Compassion.

February 2009 –The Council, a multi-faith, multi-national group of religious thinkers and leaders, reviewed and sorted through contributions from across the globe to craft the final Charter.