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Highly recommended:                                                                              19.  Tattoos on the heart : the power of boundless compassion
by Boyle, Greg.
Call number 277.94 BOY

1.     Renewing American compassion
by Olasky, Marvin N.
Call number 361.8 OLA

2.     Buddhist acts of compassion
by Bloom, Pamela.
Call number 294.3 BLO

3.     Silent compassion : finding God in contemplation
by Rohr, Richard.
Call number 248.34 ROH

4.     Nonviolent communication : a language of compassion
by Rosenberg, Marshall B.
Call number 153.6 ROS

5.     Against empathy : the case for rational compassion
by Bloom, Paul, 1963- author.
Call number 170 BLO

6.     Universal compassion : inspiring solutions for difficult times
by Kelsang Gyatso, 1931-
Call number 294.3444 KEL

7.     Make peace with your mind : how mindfulness and compassion can free you from your inner critic
by Coleman, Mark, 1965- author.
Call number 158.128 COL

8.     Altruism : the power of compassion to change yourself and the world
by Ricard, Matthieu, author.
Call number 177.7 RIC

9.     Caring economics : conversations on altruism and compassion, between scientists, economists, and the Dalai Lama
by Singer, Tania, editor.
Call number 174.4 CAR

10.  Prepared for a purpose : an inspiring true story of faith, courage, and compassion in crisis
by Tuff, Antoinette.
Call number 371.782 TUF

11.  Calming your angry mind : how mindfulness & compassion can free you from anger & and bring peace to your life
by Brantley, Jeffrey, author.
Call number 152.47 BRA

12.  Nothing changes until you do : a guide to self-compassion and getting out of your own way
by Robbins, Mike, 1974-
Call number 158.1 ROB

13.  Rewilding our hearts : building pathways of compassion and coexistence
by Bekoff, Marc.
Call number 333.954 BEK

14.  The pity party : a mean-spirited diatribe against liberal compassion
by Voegeli, William J., 1954- author.
Call number 320.51 VOE

15.  The wisdom of compassion : stories of remarkable encounters and timeless insights
by Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-
Call number 294.35677 BST

16.  Compassion, Inc. : how corporate America blurs the line between what we buy, who we are, and those we help
by Einstein, Mara.
Call number 361.7 EIN

17.  Modern Buddhism : the path of compassion and wisdom
by Kelsang Gyatso, 1931-
Call number 294.34 KEL

18.  Forgiving the unforgivable : the true story of how survivors of the Mumbai terrorist attack answered hatred with compassion : the power of holistic living
by Cannon, Master Charles.
Call number 299.93 CAN

19.  Tattoos on the heart : the power of boundless compassion
by Boyle, Greg.
Call number 277.94 BOY

20.  The language of pain : finding words, compassion, and relief
by Biro, David, 1964-
Call number 616.0472 BIR

21.  The wisdom of His compassion : meditations on the words and actions of Jesus
by Girzone, Joseph F.
Call number 232.9 GIR

22.  Being with dying : cultivating compassion and fearlessness in the presence of death
by Halifax, Joan.
Call number 362.175 HAL

23.  The gift of loving-kindness : 100 mindful practices for compassion, generosity & forgiveness
by Brantley, Mary.
Call number 177.7 BRA

24.  Practice random acts of kindness : bring more peace, love, and compassion into the world
by Conari Press.
Call number 177.7 PRA

25.  Always maintain a joyful mind : and other lojong teachings on awakening compassion and fearlessness
by Chödrön, Pema.
Call number 294.3444 CHO

26.  Resonant leadership : renewing yourself and connecting with others through mindfulness, hope, and compassion
by Boyatzis, Richard E.
Call number 303.34 BOY

27.  Peaceful living : daily meditations for living with love, healing, and compassion
by Mackenzie, Mary, 1958-
Call number 158.1 MAC

28.  Ordinary grace : an examination of the roots of compassion, altruism, and empathy, and the ordinary individuals who help others in extraordinary ways
by Brehony, Kathleen A.
Call number 177.7 BRE

29.  The triumphant spirit : portraits & stories of Holocaust survivors-- their messages of hope & compassion
by Del Calzo, Nick.
Call number OVERSIZE 940.5318 CAL

30.  The compassion of animals : true stories of animal courage and kindness
by Von Kreisler, Kristin.
Call number 591.5 VON

31.  Chicken soup for the soul at work : 101 stories of courage, compassion, and creativity in the workplace
by Canfield, Jack, 1944-
Call number 158.12 CHI

32.  The choice for love : entering into a new, enlightened relationship with yourself, others & the world
by De Angelis, Barbara, author.
Call number 152.41 DEA

33.  Superhero therapy : mindfulness skills to help teens and young adults deal with anxiety, depression, and trauma
by Scarlet, Janina.
Call number YA 616.85 SCA

34.  Barking to the choir : the power of radical kinship
by Boyle, Greg, author.
Call number 277.94 BOY

35.  A life beyond amazing : 9 decisions that will transform your life today
by Jeremiah, David, 1941-
Call number 248.4 JER

36.  The unbelievable happiness of what is : beyond belief to love, fulfillment & spiritual awakening
by Bernie, Jon.
Call number 158.1 BER

37.  An appeal to the world : the way to peace in a time of division
by Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935- author.
Call number 303.66 BST

38.  Altered traits : science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain, and body
by Goleman, Daniel, author.
Call number 158.128 GOL

  39. Breathe through this:  mindfulness for parents of teenagers                                                                                   by Snel, Eline, author.
Call number 649.125 SNE