To help raise awareness and keep compassion in the forefront of our actions in Cheyenne, we invite you, personally or as a representative of your organization, to take the Compassion Pledge below. 


In support of the charter for compassion,

I pledge to spread compassion

through my personal actions throughout our community

and to ask myself when faced with a decision:

“What is the compassionate response?”

NOW...Post “I Took the Compassion Pledge” on  www.facebook.com/CompassionateCheyenne

NEXT...Contact us at CompassionateCheyenne@gmail.com, and let us know you took the pledge and we will add you to our "Our Pledge Partner" list on this website.  Include your name (individual and/or organization), email and phone number so we can let you know of Compassionate Cheyenne initiatives and events.  WE WILL ONLY LIST YOUR NAME ON THIS WEBSITE .  WE WILL NOT SHARE THE CONTACT INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE WITH ANYONE ELSE.

We invite businesses and organizations with a logo to send us a JPEG copy and we will be proud to add it to Our  Pledge Partner page.